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Florida State Assembly

The Original Florida Government

Securing our Property, Rights, and Labor

The Florida State Assembly is the original Florida Government that unknowingly gifted it’s powers to a corporate government entity in DC.

In recent years, all 50 states are rapidly reconstructing their lawful state governments to ensure the protection of all people living within their state.


The Florida Assembly Provides Services To Floridians.


State Recording Secretaries work one-on-one with Floridians to properly land record and publish official paperwork.


Self-Governing and community governing require conversations amongst State Citizens and State Nationals. Join the conversation.

Reclaim Property

Whether you are aware of it or not, property has been taken from all of us and we are taking the steps to restore your property.

Future Claims

There are claims being put in place to restore property and we are helping with any future claims for State Citizens.

Correct Your Status

In only a few short steps, “Correct you Status”, will assist you in creating your very own original paperwork that assists you in reclaiming your unalienable property, rights, and labor, instead of unknowingly gifting it to government service agencies.

Foundational Benefits

  1. Correct your incomplete birth recording process
  2. Establish the steps necessary to completely own property
  3. Reestablish yourself as one of the “people” who are owed constitutional guarantees



Florida Assembly Events

Our events highlight items that should be on your calendar as well as happenings that occur with regards to success stories, local gatherings, online meetings and time sensitive news.

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